Natalie Anne Murray

Women’s Empowerment Coach

“Arron’s approach to building my site was very supportive, thorough and professional. I believe Arron is unique and well-suited to the spiritual, heart-centered type of person (like me).  Arron challenged me in a loving way to be clear about who I was and the message I had to share.  It was so much more than a task oriented process of building a website.  It really was a transformative journey.  In the end I got what I really wanted – a website that I was proud to send my clients to.”

How we worked together:

  • We co-developed the whole site from Natalie’s vision
  • Coaching: On writing appropriate content, collating images, working out page layouts etc
  • Design: Natalie knew that she wanted the site to be true to her personality, offering impact, spaciousness and definitely a dark red. We designed some drafts in photoshop for Natalie and once agreed we set about building the site.
  • Technology: Natalie’s outcome was just for potential clients to contact her and to sign up to her mailing list. We put in a contact form and mailchimp module.
  • Training: On how to update the site


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