Awakening Peace

Healer and Trainer, Shakti Devi

“Arron holds the space for you, coaching skillfully and intelligently so he can help you discover your own unique journey to find your product or service; or your very ‘be-ing-ness’ – through compassionate, timely and authentic coaching.
Arron always showed the highest respect, integrity, professionalism and ethics in everything he did and all his business and coaching sessions with me, taking those extra steps and finer attention to detail that shows his true passion for what he does.”

How we worked together:

  • We initally put together flyers and business cards for Shakti Devi and then built the site around the same design.
  • Coaching: On writing appropriate content, collating images, working out page layouts etc
  • Design: Shakti Devi worked closely with us to develop the whole look and feel of the site. She was very clear on what she wanted but gave us a lot of room to play. We developed the logo, colour scheme and spacious layout
  • Technology: A low technology site just requiring a contact form and setting up of domain names and emails
  • Training: On how to update the site
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